Here are a few photos from Perm Russia. Eastern Russia, the home of the nicest people on earth. I love Russia. What a kewl people and a kewl place!!! I have to catch people on my blog up to my Russia trip. I’m going to annoy my followers for the first few days trying to start my blog. Sorry guys!!



Lets see how long this last. I know I am supposed to blog, like every other photographer. I have put it off for way too long so here we go. I got back from Russia a month and a half ago. I guess that is where my blogs will start. First we will have a few from the canoe trip I took going parallel to the Transyberian Railroad and show the mountain I climbed. I did this in Eastern Russia, Perm. The mountains where called The Urals. They seperate Europe and Asia. I also climbed a small mountain. One more thing to check off on my bucket list. Tell me what you think.

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