Don’t Miss Out on Classes at Ringling College with Omarr Otero Before He Moves to Honduras


Beginner Photography: Breaking Away from Auto Mode                                   2 sessions, 6 hours, SU, 11:30 AM-2:30 PM PH400, Feb. 7-14 $110, Omar Otero For the casual photographer that finds the many features on your digital camera daunting, this brief introductory workshop will give you tools to gain creative control over your photos. In just two short sessions you will learn the basic manual functions of your digital SLR camera, and the fundamentals of color correction, image sizing and photo manipulation techniques in the Photoshop environment. Students must bring a digital SLR camera and instruction manual, which is to be read prior to class. Prerequisites: basic computer skills.

Sunset Photo Walk: Architecture,                                                                       Light & Exposure 2 sessions, 6 hours, W, 5-8 PM PH255, Feb. 17-24 $110, Omar Otero Learn how to take successful photos in low-light situations. Capture the rich colors of sunset, and the sparkling lights and dramatic shadows of the city’s architecture at night. ISO speed, timed exposures and metering low-light areas are covered. Creative options will be discussed. We will shoot on locations in session one, and address special enhancements and other unique night shoot opportunities working Photoshop in the digital lab in session two. All skill levels welcome. Basic computer skills required.

Painting with Light in the Photo Studio 3 sessions, 9 hours, W, 5-8 PM PH250, March 2-16 $165, Omar Otero Discover the impact of light. In this fun, hands-on workshop, the focus will be on capturing the essence of your subject shooting in natural and artificial light. Through demonstrations of lowlight photography including ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, the use of ambient light will be emphasized. Students will learn about lighting, posing, depth of field, composition, impact, and how to use Photoshop as an enhancement tool in photography. Students must bring a digital SLR camera and instruction booklet and must have read the booklet before coming to class. Basic computer skills required. Beginner through advanced skill levels welcome.

Photo Editing & Enhancing in Adobe Lightroom 3 sessions, 9 hours, SU, 11:30 AM-2:30 PM PH350, April 3-17 $165, Omar Otero Learn the basics of photo management, enhancement, and publishing in one indispensable interface using what has become the “go to” software for professional photographers! This course covers techniques such as importing, processing, organizing and manipulating images with ease, managing workflow, and creating postproduction slideshows, web galleries, and print picture packages. You can make a series of changes to one or all your photos at the same time, shoot from within the program, do post production and print within the same interface and, simultaneously work with Photoshop via a quick command, and you can even do video and make books. Prerequisites: Digital Photography I or equivalent knowledge, and digital photo files. (Certificate Program Code: PR)


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