Visit This Week’s Student Gallery Link


This class inspires me to be the best teacher and artist I can be. Follow this link to see what they have been up to.

2 Responses to “Visit This Week’s Student Gallery Link”

  1. sjfeulner Says:

    Most impressive! I’d love to know how #94 was done – with the multiple figures outlined in light?


    • Omarr Otero Says:

      Thank you. It was our last day in class and they have gotten to the point they are combining effects. This was all done with one exposure, multiple flash pops and glow necklaces. This, like most of my classes, works with more special effects rather than digital touch up. The purpose of the projects I assume and techniques I teach is to have the photograph look like it was worked digitally before it even leaves the camera. We put chance back into the equation while no longer being in the darkroom.


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