Observation Hours at the Best Art High School Program I Have Ever Seen. Book VPA.


About The VPA Program:

The VPA Visual Art program is directed toward serious and passionate students who want their art work to be an expressive interpretation of their inner thoughts and feelings. This happens when students feel comfortable and nurtured, which they are in the VPA Visual Art Program. Every day students are encouraged to think differently, to dream, and to go beyond expectations. And every day the students deliver. Teachers provide individual instruction, which helps students develop the skills and confidence they need to acquire for a career in an art profession.


  • Build a strong foundation in two and three-dimensional art: drawing, painting, illustration, sculpting, mosaics, photography, and digital design.
  • Partner with other disciplines, such as poetry and writing, to provide additional creative outlets
  • Create comprehensive digital portfolios to market in the workplace or submit to colleges
  • Complete all four Advanced Placement art courses to earn college credit

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