Driving by. I wanted to get pics of average life in Panama. Living in a tiny pueblo in Honduras my perspective on life and beauty have changed. There is an insane beauty to this city. I really like it here… and the Chinese food is awesome.



Oct. 16th I have an opening at the  Polk State Lake Wales Arts Center. This is a solo show and I am lucky to have my work showing in such a great and big space.

Special Thanks to: Jean Donaldson, Barb Conner, Robin Jenkins, and Osubi Craig


69 70 71I had to climb a mountain to get these so pay attention to this series. The work is getting harder to produce.

New Website


Come check out the new omarrphotography.com

We are including our fine art work with our photography now and plan to integrate even more to allow for fine art viewing and sales online. Let us know what you think. Your opinion matters!!!



DSC_0175 copy DSC_0060-2 DSC_0913-2 IMG_0201 IMG_0831 IMG_0876These images were all manipulated in camera. The only Photoshop work was darkening/ lightening and sharpening.

Link to student gallery:


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