DSC_0175 copy DSC_0060-2 DSC_0913-2 IMG_0201 IMG_0831 IMG_0876These images were all manipulated in camera. The only Photoshop work was darkening/ lightening and sharpening.

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72 dpi grey stairs 72 dpi pineapple 72dpi row of wood

beach fire1 flam on



Digital Photography Workshop for the Novice
PH400, 4 sessions, March 4-7
Omar Otero
If you find the many buttons and features on your digital camera daunting, and would like to gain creative control over your photos, this is the perfect workshop for you.  In just four short sessions, you will learn the particular features of your camera, and master the basics of color correction, image sizing and photo manipulation techniques.  Students must bring a digital camera and instruction booklet and must have read the booklet before coming to class. Prerequisites: basic computer skills.

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Great work T-Happiness!

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My class should know how proud I am they are doing work like this. I am really happy to be a part of the art learning process.


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