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Key: 1-3 stars
Episode 1 and Green Lantern- 1 Star
Heathers and ???- 2 Stars
Silence of the Lambs, Broadway Danny Rose- 3 Stars

  • Birds of Prey– 1 Star

This movie was horrible. DC finally made a movie worse than Green Lantern. Writers and directors ? and ? decided to, unsuccessfully. copy Dead Pool using Harley Quinn. This movie left the art of of making am artistic movie. The visuals were medium and the acting had no real emotion.

The cool parts of Harley Quinn, that we came to know in Suicide Squad (another lack luster movie where Will Smith and Harley Quinn were the only watchable part), were all taken away from us as the character was written into more of a kid and less psychotic. She lacked the slight maturity that made her feel like an actual insane criminal. This movie is unwatchable and I liked UHF by Weird Al.


  • Thor Ragnarok– 3 Stars
  • Mind Blown (Rupal). This is movie is tie with Winter Soldier as the best Marvel movie. It is funny, has a great story and is full of action. It was written well and the visuals are stunning. We have come to know this from Marvel movies. The first 2 Thor movies lacked any type of soul.
  • I love how the Thor character arc has made him emotionally week. They finally made his flaws reflect the average person. I could relate to Thor being having the same faults.
  • Bringing a gay character into the mix was really cool too. Marvel strikes the balance between family, life and art.


  • Episode 9, Rise of Skywalker– 2 Stars

ocees ship still there
too much coincidence
the ren and rey fight on the death star was amazing
what a great end to pincess leah. very tasteful.

using a character like baba boo instead of jar jar was done well. they’ve come so far from episode 1.

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